A Friendly Smile

I will never forget Ted Gilcrease's friendly smile, gentle words and that raised arm wave when I visited the ranch. He was more than just a farmer; to me Ted was the timeless ambassador of the summer and fall in Las Vegas. He had a great joy and peace in his heart. Driving out to see Ted at Gilcrease Ranch each year around Memorial Day and throughout the summer and fall provided my link to more beautiful and simpler times in my life.

As an artist, the farm provided me with much inspiration. While picking some figs one day, I knew that I needed to do some art project with fig leaves. I walked over to ask Ted's permission before I took the leaves. I explained what my need was and I cannot forget his smile, his happy nod, and giggle that I would want to use his fig leaves to create art.

Ted Gilcrease did so much for Las Vegas by providing a wonderful opportunity to share the earth and its bounty with the community. He certainly has a special place in my heart and I doubt that I will ever forget him and his gentle way.

Cathy Razor

Local Artist


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